The Forth Bridge


Background history of the Forth Bridge

forth bridgeThe Forth Rail Bridge is a bridge, which was built at the end of the 19th Century to connect to the North East of Scotland. At the time of building, the Forth Rail Bridge was by far the largest cantilever bridge construction in the world, and was the first ever all steel bridge construction in the United Kingdom. The span on the new forth bridge remains the second largest for a cantilever bridge, even now, over 120 years after its construction.

The Forth Road Bridge

The Forth Road Bridge was completed in 1964 and was at the time the largest suspension bridge in Europe, with a central span of over 3,300 feet (1 Kilometre). In 2001 the bridge was listed as a category 'A' building.

With great Depression of the 1930’s and the advent of the WWII it was not until 1947 that the plans for a road bridge were dusted down again for consideration. Finally in 1958 the green light was given and the Forth Road Bridge construction finally started.

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Scotland's Twits Name New Forth Bridge
The Scottish Government has announced today it will give the public a say in naming the new road bridge being built across the Firth of Forth, currently dubbed the Forth Replacement Crossing.

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